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TransCommit Solutions

Cyber Attack Prevention

TransCommit has the ability to detect and prevent insider threats before they occur. It provides cloud-based threat intelligence services. External endpoints and APIs will be protected by adding strict rules to the network traffic. Tool offers predictive intelligence about threats. The tool offers security policies to manage our network security on any of the cloud platforms. In-built security policies will be enabled with the default TransCommit Product Suite and can be customized to meet cyber security standards. The tool has the ability to exclude applications and processes from detection by the virus and spyware scans with exceptional approvals.

TransCommit Product Suite recommends most business security systems with potential changes required to the cloud customers based on the latest penetration results and provides notifications till the findings are remediated. TransCommit Product suite will allow PKI to scan cloud environment for trusted digital signatures and encrypt email communications and authenticate sender’s identity. running trusted digital signatures. It will monitor the PKI Services with associated layers. TransCommit Product Suite encrypt the HTTP / HTTPS server communication by Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication and access control.

Employee Tracking

TransCommit provides the list of connected employees, the activities they are currently doing and the length of the activity. Automatic time capturing lets you track employees’ productivity and measure their efficiency to meet the estimated deadlines without fail. TransCommit is the perfect solution to stay focused and eliminate guesswork where the working time is spent. Real time monitoring of employees is integrated via stealth mode to prevent any malicious behavior and identify suspicious activity to protect data.

Review / report employees activity logs including active / idle time. Manage timesheets for the employees listed in our tool. Email notification and alerts based on the productivity levels and highlights unwanted activities. The tool helps us to manage / review the usage of the software / applications. Data will be used for various checkpoints that will improve the ROI / TCO. Productivity and behavior analytics reports will help management during strategy calls. Data points can be stored with a defined time frame on the dashboards.

Security & Compliance

TransCommit Product Suite provides a SoD module with a set of rules designed based on the internal, external auditors which are mapped to the Cloud offerings. Mitigating controls with modifiable rules for enhanced security access. The rule includes the ability to create reports and schedule them to be run regularly, so conflicts can be recognized and mitigated early and often. Identify Segregation of duties (SoD) violations and monitor the security along with specific level settings responsible for the violations. Periodic sign offs will be pushed and logged for the future compliance audits. SoD module allows real-time review of roles and users to identify when an issue occurs.

User Analytics

Our highly efficient and secure piece TransCommit Product Suite enables organizations to manage customers without hassle. As digital identities turn into valuable technological assets, a centralized User Management and Analytics (UMAA) system becomes a high-value target. Therefore, our central UMAA system employs the latest security measures to keep out unwanted users. Administrators can manage resources and access based on need, thereby keeping digital assets more secure. With strict monitoring controls and automatic notification admins gain greater flexibility to manage and make quicker and faster decisions.

A flexible set up of dashboard of your entire customer database allows to manage user profiles from one central database that hosts a range of tools for admins. This also ensures a frictionless experience for the end-user, significantly improving the user experience and while protecting their digital assets from cyber threats across the world. TransCommit Product Suite provides a self service portal for its users who can keep track of the incidents / requests opened in the tool.This will allow the upcoming monthly / quarterly releases / maintenance window.

Fraud Detection

With high risk of targeted data breaches and cyber threats across the world, TransCommit Product Suite provides offers to its cloud customers by protecting business from fraudsters. The tool will help you to assess and overcome fraud risks by improving your responsiveness, establishing a stringent approach to maintain fraud risk governance with continuous monitoring and periodic assessment. Our tailored Fraud risk assessments helped many customers hosted on Cloud to focus on the risk of fraudulent reporting around analysis, score and mitigate inherent and residual fraud risks.

Refresh fraud response plan with defined frequency Periodic review of Role based access controls –RBAC and implementing SOD checks for the monitoring of the key services. Adhering to our standards in multiple levels of protection by providing security awareness to our clients and patching environments regularly by enabling anti-spam filters, firewalls, and endpoint security. Improving operational reliability by strengthening automated workflows with policy-based countermeasures by identifying delivery workflow gaps.