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TransCommit Product Details

TransCommit Basic

We help Organizations to enable the TransCommit Product Suite which offers powerful and adaptable software that supports business needs today and in the future. TransCommit Product suite runs on any Cloud platform hardware giving us the flexibility to meet customer security requirements while operating under the most stringent data protection laws and standards.

Security and resilience work together with highest standards to harness data security and stability in a cloud environment. Easy to customize cloud service through Scalable cloud environments and applications to manage effectively. TransCommit Product Suite has developed a tool that provides Basic and Advanced editions which will help customers to host infrastructure / applications on a strategic cloud framework. The tool is designed based on the Cloud best practices, adhering to the standards with key offerings that will benefit customer’s enterprise operations by minimizing the manual efforts and optimize the automated process.

Basic Features

TransCommit through its expertise and capability on various toolsets and frameworks has positioned itself significantly to execute an effective cloud roadmap excerpt and build bridges between IT and business resulting in customers' most critical priorities to achieve stronger business outcomes in a digital world. We help our customers and clients to provide them with a complete overview of our tool which will benefit efficiently, productively in the cloud environment. Our cloud-based deployments integrated with the business workflow efficiently helped the customers to minimize the resources and agile with ease of use around the tool.

User Activity Tracking

Capture and monitor all activities in real time. The tool provides details about the list of connected users, what they do and since when they work. You can customize dashboards to find the relevant information for your organization. You can see the login, computer name and time worked and the graphical representation of user activity.

Web Tracking

The tool offers the possibility of seeing which website have been visited. You can see how your user's time is spent with every website.

Application Tracking

The tool offers the possibility of seeing which applications have been used. You can see how your user's time is spent with every app.

Chat Tracking

- Transcommit can save instant messaging details that include the source, for example, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Skype, etc., time stamp and messaging details.

Email Tracking

The tool provides the ability to view inbound and outbound emails with content and attachments from desktop or mobile devices. User email trends are shown in the graph. All outgoing emails can be set up to filter sensitive personal data and business information.

Automated Alerts

Every time a user violates a policy, he/she will get an e-mail notification. A copy of this email will be sent to the user's manager. The administrator will be notified of this violation. Alerts are configurable. The administrator may review the alerts and advise the user or block the user.

File share tracking

TransCommit registers all file activity. Monitor files downloaded from a website, copied to a USB stick, content sent as an attachment, downloaded to sites, etc. The tool tracks the user reads, writes, renames, deletes over the network or through the web.

Restrict Websites

You can set rules to restrict sites and assign user groups. TeraCommit will be easy to integrate into your active directory. The user will have the option of overwriting and visit the restricted area, but must provide operational justification.


The aggregate activity can be calculated per category. Reporting can be done on applications used, websites visited, email content filters, searches, printing, social media etc. The tool also makes it possible to export details to Excel or PDF.

Restrict Applications

Transcommit tool has ability to block certain applications for use on enterprise laptops.