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EDI Services

EDI Services - Implementation

In today's constantly changing business environment, many organizations with complex supply chains rely on electronic data interchange for communications with trading partners. Before businesses can take full advantage of EDI, they need to be prepared to use it. EDI integration projects can be multifaceted and require a variety of capabilities, skills, and resources, which are not always available in-house. Effective Data provides strategy and consulting services to assist you with EDI and B2B integration software solutions, continuous management, configuration changes and system upgrades.


Our business-to-business integration assessment provides a comprehensive EDI program evaluation. We identify ways to optimize your current EDI solution by performing:

  • ● A comprehensive review of the EDI business-to-business environment
  • ● Comparison to best practices
  • ● Vendor assessment
  • ● Communication analysis
  • ● Comparative analysis to similar organizations.
Why Effective Data?

Effective Data has been a pioneer in the electronic-commerce-consulting arena since 1991. Our core competence is to develop and maintain technically sound EDI solutions. We serve clients in multiple industries with customers around the world, so we have a deep understanding of what is needed for businesses to communicate quickly and efficiently. Our end-to-end EDI solutions and services platform integrates seamlessly into multiple ERPs.

  • Minimize IT expenditures
  • Ensure EDI efficiency and compliance
  • Resolve critical issues quickly
  • Quickly add trading partners
  • Manage partner requirements
  • Scale your EDI infrastructure when your business grows
  • Maintain secure, up-to-date EDI communications across your business and with all partners

Take B2B communications to the next level with Data Efficiency Managed Services. We leverage expertise, processes, and technologies to optimize daily EDI data exchange and integration.